About me

This is the personal website of Axel Koolhaas. I'm a tech enthusiast who likes hacking, computer science, networking, tinkering, music and random combinations thereof.


I did my bachelor's in informatics at higher vocational education Inholland Haarlem. For my thesis, I researched and created a proof of concept for a more secure Android WebView system component. This was before the WebView was seperated from the Android platform, and moved to an updateble APK.

After my bachelors, I successfully participated in a premaster program at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU).

Currently, I'm doing a joint degree Computer Science Master with the track Computer Systems Security at the VU and Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA). The track is focused on system and security issues related to operating systems, hardware and applications.

I also did a second Master's at the UvA, namely Security and Network Engineering. This is a time intensive one year programme, which focuses on both the practical and theoretical sides of networking, security, and firmly advocates for openness. For my thesis, I researched a possible optimal maximum EDNS(0) UDP message size by measuring PMTU's. This research was accepted for OARC 32b.

Axel Koolhaas

A picture of Axel Koolhaas at CTC 2019 CTF